The Studio


Spin Studio

The gym has recently added a dedicated spin studio! Kitted out with 13 Schwinn indoor cycles, we hold classes of up to 12 people throughout the week. Our excellent qualified instructors can help you with set up and will take you through the class!

Aerobics studio

The gym has an upstairs aerobics studio which is used for all of our in house classes. The studio is mirrored across 2 walls and there is a wide variety of equipment specifically for use in the studio. You will find yoga matts, kettlebells, light dumbbells and barbells as well as steps, swiss balls, punch bags, boxing mitts and pads. From circuits to boxercise and from legs, bums and tums to insanity, there’s plenty on to suit all abilities! When classes are not in action, the studio is free for use to members and available to rent also.